Pocket Aces - Ep4 2016 End of Season and Playoff Predictions

Stephen Farkas and Mark Phillips review the WSEM Dad's 2016 NWLA tournament performance discuss end of season scenarios and possible playoff match-ups.



Pocket Aces - Ep3 2016 WSEM Season Preview and Predictions

Host Stephen Farkas and guest host and fellow pitching ace Scott Kujawa talk 2016 WSEM season predictions.



M&M Podcast - Episode 3

Mike Sessions and Mark Phillips sit down with guest host David Castle and producer Stephen Werner and discuss the upcoming 2016 WSEM regular and post-season.



M&M Podcast - Episode 2

Mike and Mark discuss the winners and losers from the WSEM Wind Up tournament and interview guest David Castle.
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Pocket Aces - Ep2: 2016 WSEM Auction Post-Draft Review

Hi Hello Wiffle Nation!  

Host Stephen Farkas welcomes the Wolfpack ace, Travis Strojny, and wiffle legend/WSEM founder, Carl Coffee, to review the 2016 WSEM auction draft.  The peanut gallery of Chris Paquin and producer Stephen Werner also chime in from time to time. Every team is reviewed in depth, and the producer puts the cast team on the spot with some candid questions.

The crew also touches on the controversial scenario that occurred at the draft.  This is a must-listen cast as Farkas, Coffee, Paquin, and Strojny speak from the heart.  

COMING SOON: introspective interview with Carl Coffee regarding the state of WSEM.  Check back in a week or two!

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Pocket Aces - Ep1: 2016 WSEM Auction Draft Discussion + Interview with Wiffleboy28

In the first episode of the WSEM Pocket Aces podcast, host Stephen Farkas and guest host Austin Bischoff discuss the upcoming 2016 auction draft.  Each of the 8 teams are broken down according to their needs, and a first pick for each team is predicted by the two hosts.  In addition, Stephen and Austin give their opinion on where each team will rank when the 2016 season comes to a close.

Around the 22 minute mark, the interview with Wiffleboy28 begins (check out his YouTube page!!).  Stephen and Austin discuss everything from Wiffleboy's early beginnings, past accomplishments, and recovery from a devastating elbow injury.  To wrap it up, Wiffleboy28 asks some questions of his own to the Pocket Aces cast.  It was truly a great interview and the Pocket Aces podcast would like to thank Sean for his time and contributions to the podcast!
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M&M Episode 1: “And We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack”

Michael "The Mayor" Sessions & Mark "E-Mark" Phillips, two WSEM veterans with previous podcast experience, bring you their first M&M show of the 2016 season. They compare the two incomplete divisions, predict each team's main draft target, and interview Red Cox ace, Scott Kujawa. 



2015 Championship Series Preview

Coffee and Hollywood preview the upcoming championship series between the #1 seed Wicked Aces and #3 seed Red Cox. They break down the pitching & hitting, discuss Ohio's Tinder game, and make predictions. It's okay...



2015 Playoff Preview & Predictions

Coffeetime, Commish, Smash, and Giggy sat around a microphone and previewed in depth the opening week of the playoffs. We broke down pitching match-ups, named the standout hitters, and ranked the best looking smiles. We predicted who we thought would win the play-in game between the Squirrels and Isles, the 2 vs. 3 Wolves vs. Cox series, and Aces vs. play-in winner series. It was wild...ish. 



2015 NWLA Tournament Preview & Predictions

We were thorough, and by being so, we have a 3+ hour show which covered each and every team in the 2015 NWLA Tournament. We broke up each segment by previewing four teams, and in between those segments we interviewed Chris Hess, Travis "Two Bat" Heyda, Mike Boyles, and Regis Pollard. We also predicted the Regional MVP winners, asked some #poddietalk questions, and found out who the best predictor has been over the years. 

Coffee, Shore, Corbs, and even Michael Harley all predicted how each team would finish. Each guy picked a different #1, cause as you know, anything can happen come tournament time. It's a long one, but a fun one. As always, we broke it down alphabetically, 'B' to 'W'. Enjoy!

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